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Framed in a Stranger’s Speech

Originally posted by deancasbbmod at Framed in a Stranger’s Speech

Title: Framed in a Stranger’s Speech
Author: pantheonofdiscord
Artist: Starmouse123
Rating: Explicit
Length: 27,500 words
Pairings: Dean/Castiel
Warnings: No Major Archive Warnings, Canon-Typical Violence, Claire!Cas


It takes exactly fourteen seconds for Dean’s whole universe to implode.

First, there’s a scream that tears at every inch of him, and then a light so bright his eyes are forced shut. When he opens them again he’s staring down at Cas, lying on his front, motionless on the war room floor.

Dean, Sam, and Cas have finally found some normalcy – and despite all odds, happiness – when an average hunt leaves a powerful witch gunning for revenge. When the dust clears, there’s a crater in the bunker’s walls and Cas’ vessel is lying empty on the floor. But Jimmy isn’t the only Novak out there.

Cas is alive, but he’s trapped in Claire and getting weaker by the hour – and all the while the witch moves ever closer to them, intent on finishing the job. Unable to return to his own body, but unwilling to stay in Claire for long, Cas’ time is running out, and Dean is once again faced with the possibility of losing him.

Link to fic

Link to art

Looking forward to reading this story -- Canon!verse and Claire!Castiel. There have been a few stories that have looked interesting this DCBB season, but this is the first that has really captured my attention.

2015 DCBB is open for sign-ups!

The schedule for this year is as follows:

April 1: Writer and artist sign ups
May 1: Writer sign-ups closed
July 1: Check-in
July 15: Upgrade/Downgrade option
Aug 15: Drafts due
Aug 16: Artist sign-ups closed
Aug 17: Summaries posted for artists to peruse (Comments locked)
Aug 18: Art claims
Aug 22: Claims masterpost
Aug 29: Posting schedule masterpost
Sept 1: Pinch hit artist sign ups
Sept 15: Artist check-in
Sept 29: Art due
Oct 1: Posting begins and runs through November

Author sign-ups here
Artist sign-ups here

I haven't finished reading all of last year's stories...but I'm excited that this year's challenge has begun. It's gotten bigger each year, so let's keep the trend going. Sign-up and participate. :)

Snow Storm

We got our first snow storm today, just in time for Thanksgiving.  I left work at noon and planned to do some shopping, but changed my mind after almost getting stuck in the parking lot!  The pic is the view outside my door.  Luckily it is supposed to clear off by tomorrow, so no problems traveling to the family dinner. :)


Jimmy Novak Big Bang

Go sign up and give Jimmy some love.!  (http://jimmybigbang.livejournal.com)

NashCon 2011 - Day 2

Started the day having a photo-op with Misha Collins.  I wasn't as nervous today as  I was yesterday with Jensen.  Misha's panel was terrific!  The crowd gave him a louder greeting than they did J&J yesterday.  I also went to the cocktail party, thus got to sit at the same table and chat with him for a couple of minutes.  Below is a clip from Misha's panel.

NashCon 2011 - Day 1

This was my first fan convention.  Seeing Jensen and Jared live, in-person and up close was fantastic!  The guys looked good and were in a friendly, upbeat mood.  I had a middle-of-the-room table at the breakfast and a seat five rows from the stage at the regular panel.  I also had a photo-op with Jensen and got both of their autographs.  Below is a clip from their hour-long panel.